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I Wanna Audition

9.97K Views1 Comments

He said he wanna to try out for my site. He promised that he had a big dick. Well I let him try out this big ass! How did he do?

A Little Solo Fun

16.50K Views3 Comments

This website may let you think that our chocolate ladyboys get a proper dicking everyday but sometimes its hard for a big thick ass to get the dick it needs! Ts Big Booty Bianca is in need of a lil attention and there...

Presidential Cock For The Big Dick Bitch

16.32K Views0 Comments

Who knew the prez was packing a weapon of throat and asshole destruction?

Big Dick Bitch Vs Big Dick Flasher

19.22K Views0 Comments

This guy was flashing his big dick and knew how to use it.

Black Tranny Ass Stalker

14.59K Views0 Comments

Turns out all this time all he really needed was a big shemale butt and good head to get all up in and some people may have not killed at crystal lake, lol. Oh and looks like Jason got some good dick too!

Thug Love

40.85K Views5 Comments

Can you give it to me like this slim big dick thug? You wanna know why girls love fucking thugs? Cus they expect to get fucked by a big dick just right. Ts Madison hooked this session up and Kennedy was eager to play ...

Sex Brotha Bust Her Down After Work

3.20K Views0 Comments

Aint nothing like a good nut after a hard days work, and this dude loves to swing by and get some of that good shemale pussy right after he clocks out!

Stalking My Booty

12.60K Views1 Comments

Damn this dude cant get enough Of Eves ass, lol. He was fiending so bad he popped up out the blue..."I was out one day at the corner store and meet this guy and yes we fucked.. He was a tall young stud flirting his as...

Down For Whatever

23.79K Views9 Comments

So our hot tgirl vixen Ts Madison is doing what she need to do to get her money when she is approached by a homo thug who "appears" to be lost on the outskirts of Atlanta, capital of the "dirty" south nonetheless, and...

Black Tgirls Kidnapped!

20.89K Views1 Comments

Just when you thought it was safe to be a big dick thick black tranny in the hood, one BAD BITCH comes up and takes control! Madison got tired of competing with these ghetto booty hoes so she snatch they asses up and ...

Laid Off

12.90K Views1 Comments

Home from another day of shopping till she drops, our sexy thick black tgirl is on the receiving end of some bad news: her man got the pink slip and she is going to have to return all the nice shit she bought herself ...

Fat Tranny Pussy In The Kitchen

7.86K Views0 Comments

BBW SHemale Juicy Nikki getting dug out in the kitchen.

Oil up my Booty and Fuck

4.10K Views0 Comments

Black Cuba has a high sex drive and when i requested a real man he was there for my needs. I can still feel his width and stroke inside of me..Im sure you would like to get inside too…

Freak Squad

32.78K Views1 Comments

The BIG DICK BITCH Ts Madison had some computer issue and she decided to call the GEEK squad to help her out. You know those dudes that know shit about computers that you dont have the time or patience to learn. Anywa...

Young Freaks 3way

17.27K Views3 Comments

Ts Big Booty Bianca has a threesome with 2 horny young stallions.

Horny Insurance Agent

10.11K Views0 Comments

He came over to do a quote and ended up with a mouth full of shecock!

Big Dick Bitch Will Save Your Marriage!!

24.54K Views2 Comments

One thing I hate to see is people lose their marriage over bad sex lives so i just had to intervene in this situation...This struggling young black couple came to me for one of my V.I.P. services to save their marriag...

Ts Madison vs 11inch Black Meat Stud

22.71K Views0 Comments

Some girls just have all the luck and twice the fun! Meet Plezure and his big 11 inch piece of meat. With a name like that you know this nigga better better able to put it down! And with this being his first time on v...

Blue Pounds Eve Big Ass

11.25K Views1 Comments

He had just got in from practice and was really horny. I love a nice big dick in my mouth so i went at it. Sucking him up turn me on so bad that i needed it inside of me. I told him to have no mercy on my hole

Loving Big Booty

43.21K Views11 Comments

During a recent summer visit to the big apple ebony tgirl Big Booty Bianca hooked up with a horny long thick cocked stud who couldnt get enough of that phat shemale booty. He rode that big black ass till she screamed ...

Big Dick Bitch Fucked Your Man!

10.68K Views0 Comments

My cousins boyfriend “JUAN” was driving home to miami to see her AND had to stop over in ATLANTA to get some rest from his long roadtrip from New York City, I put him over in the guest room but I think he was dreaming...

Big Dick Bitch Arrest

51.72K Views2 Comments

What happens when you have big tits with big brown suckable nipples, a big 50 inch ass that men cant resist, and big dick that you slang around town in hardcore fucking sex escapades? They will call you a BIG DICK BIT...

Ts Eve Blue Man Therapy

2.38K Views0 Comments

For his treatment i perscribed and gave many examples of what i can do for him to solve his issues. The treatment is very aggressive and i had to start from the groin. Join today to see the results of my hard work…

Parental Advisory: Big Black Dicks Inside!

17.98K Views0 Comments

A big dick Top takes it to our favorite Big Dick Bitch! Even Ts Madison admits the she cant get away from these horny thug nigga who want her big titties in their mouth and her plump ass on their dick. When this stud ...

Big Booty Tranny Getting Her Shenis Sucked

9.49K Views0 Comments

This is just a compilation of some of Ts Big Booty Bianca favorite blowjob scenes...i guess you can refer to her as a HEAD HUNTA!

Tall and Good Looking With a Nice Body

3.29K Views0 Comments

Girls im telling you: you better treat your men right and like kings cus even the fine brothas are wanting something a little "extra" that only a fine thick transsexual like myself can give!

Ghetto Gloryhole

5.16K Views0 Comments

She always wanted to be try being a gloryhole whore! Theres none around so we made a makeshift one of cardboard and like magic a  black thug slid his big meaty cock through for me to gobble on.

Closet Freak

19.40K Views2 Comments

This freaky little thug boy cant wait to get home to pop in the new bigdickbitch.com DVD, and starts playing with his long ebony cock, lubing it up and really getting into it. But today is his lucky day because his do...

Popping A Virgins Cherry

3.75K Views0 Comments

So I met a wonderful fan in Cherry Hill all around good guy he is a tight virgin, who never had his ass busted before and wanted to try my huge Tranny Cock. So I gave him what he asked for… LOL Im well known for openi...

She is a BIG DICK Bitch!

47.25K Views8 Comments

Well its no secret that i have one of the biggest dicks on a tranny thats online and i definately am not afraid to use it!...this sexxxy chocolate man was up for the challenge and i had to let him know that the QUEEN ...

Valentine Day Bath All Alone

1.03K Views0 Comments

It was around Valentines Day and I was in Baltimore I decided to celebrate it with my fans... I had just finished shooting a awesome scene with Franktgirls.com in La he is awesome.. But once I got to the east coast I ...

Strip Tease Audition

15.35K Views3 Comments

Our sexy thick ass, big titty shemale slut Bianca has an important task to complete: arrange a nice hot male revue for her sisters bachelorette party! Of course she has to ensure that the ladies receive quality entert...

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